Residential Eviction – Accelerated Possession Procedure
  • Is your tenant in arrears or refusing to pay their rent?
  • Has your contract come to an end and the tenant is refusing to vacate the property?
  • Has the local authority instructed your tenant to remain in the property until evicted?
  • Is your tenant in breach of the terms within their contract?
  • Have you misplaced the  Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement?
During the course of being a landlord/agent you may at some point be in a position where you need to terminate a tenancy. This could be for several reasons, such as, your tenant may be in arrears with their rent, may be in breach of the agreement, they could be a ‘difficult tenant’ or simply because you wish to get vacant possession of the property.
Whatever the reason, it is important that you abide by the law and follow the procedures outlined. Ensuring you take the correct course of action is vital otherwise you may find yourself in a position where errors have been made which could prove to be costly.
LE Consultants can help you. We can arrange and implement the entire eviction process for you.
1. Serve Notice on your tenant seeking possession – This is the initial stage of the eviction process. Incorrectly served notices are a major cause for failed evictions. We will ensure your notice is served correctly to inform your tenant of the situation at hand. Whether it is to pay their outstanding rent, vacate the property or to simply bring the severity of circumstances to their attention.  
From £39
2. Obtain a Possession Order – Most tenants will leave upon the expiry of the notice period.  If however, the relevant notice has expired and your tenant is still in situ you will have to apply to the court for possession of the property.  We will ask you to simply supply us with a few relevant documents and the rest is left to us to apply to the relevant county court.
From £349 (Excluding Court Fees)
3. Bailiff Appointment/Application – If you are unfortunate enough to have a tenant who does not vacate by stage 2 then you will have to proceed to stage 3, instructing a bailiff. We can do this is two ways.  Firstly apply for a local county court bailiff or secondly apply to the high court to have the process accelerated.
From £49 (Excluding Court Fees)
To discuss your case in more detail or if you require any further information,
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